Sunday, November 20, 2016

This Is For You

Good evening stampers!  While I was out shopping this weekend I came across the most adorable teeny tiny jars of Nutella.  And when I say teeny tiny- I mean it!  These little cuties don't even measure 2" tall!  Now I personally am not a fan of Nutella ( I know, right?  How is that even possible?) but I still couldn't resist the cuteness.  I had to buy a few to create with.  

....and it looks like I'll be going back for more!  They turned out adorable!  I know they will be a HUGE hit at my craft show coming up on December 3rd.    

The packaging for these little jars was a breeze to create.  I used Clear Tiny Treat Boxes and then adhered a 3/4" strip of DSP around the center of the box .  The spoon was tied onto the box using the 3/8" Silky Taffeta Ribbon Combo Pack.  Since the Nutella jars are super tiny- they tend to move around quite a bit in the boxes.  What I did to avoid this issue was to put 4 glue dots on the bottom of the Nutella jar.  Then once I centered the jar in the box, I pushed up on the bottom of the box forcing it to adhere to the bottom of the jar.  Worked like a charm!


  1. Genius! Great stocking stuffers. Can you share with us what store carries these tiny jars of Nutella?

  2. These are just too darn cute! I'm not a fan of Nutella either but these would make cute gifts! Please share where you found the tiny ones! Thanks!