Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Montage #121

Hello there stampers!  Welcome back to another edition of Monday Montage.

The project I'm sharing tonight is not new.  They have actually been around for a few years or so.  The candy on the other hand- can't actually be purchased in the USA unless of course you order it through Amazon (which comes with a hefty price).

Mini Tic Tacs are the absolute cutest and when I first saw them on Pinterest I was super bummed that I couldn't find the them anywhere.  A few weeks ago my husband and I had taken a trip to Toronto for the weekend and on the way home we decided to stop at Duty Free. As I was browsing around the store,  I was so excited to see that they had the Mini Tic Tac's!  I couldn't resist buying them!   Now I'm thinking I need to plan my next trip to Canada just so I can stop at the Duty Free shop and buy some more!  I mean they are less than $10 US for a box of 60.  That's a bargain!

Here's a close up of one.  I actually made close to 25 of them today.  I'm going to a meet & greet on Tuesday in Grand Rapids, MI and I thought I'd take these as a small treat for the other Stampin' UP! Demo's who will be meeting me for dinner.

Yes! They are really tiny.  They barely measure 1-3/8" tall.   So cute!

Here's a whole lot of them!  I'm hoping my fellow demo's will love them!  As I said before- these have been around a while.  I'm not sure who the original creator of them is however I used a tutorial from Omellie's Designs.  (You can see her tutorial here).  Since her tutorial was in cm I had to convert it to inches.  It wasn't hard to do- just had to work out the measurements!

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  1. I was so excited to get one of these cute boxes at the Meet & Greet this past week - thanks