Monday, September 25, 2023

Monday Montage #245: Halloween Broom Tootsie Pops

Hey there stampin' friends!  Welcome back for another fabulous Monday Montage Blog Hop!  Today I have a quick and easy Halloween Treat to share.  These little cuties are perfect for last minute treats as each one only takes a few minutes tops to create.  

To create these- I started by cutting the bottom portion off a brown paper lunch sack.  Then I cut the bag in half vertically.  Next I cut some fringe on the open side of the bag and added some Tear & Tape along the top.  Remove the Tear & Tape liner and carefully wrap around the stick of a Tootsie Pop. Embellish as you like!

The picture above shows the back view of the Tootsie Pop Broom.  As you can see the Tootsie Pop shows through a little bit- but that's ok!  It's still super cute!

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