Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Birthday Cake?

Good Morning!
Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  Unfortunately I didn't get to post at all.  Saturday evening we had plans to get together with our friends to celebrate our friend Molly's birthday.  My day started bright and early with baking a birthday cake for Molly.  After the cake was done baking and it was time to frost it- I stacked the first layer onto the cake circle and lightly iced it.  I then added the second layer to the cake circle and the cake decided to split down the middle on the top layer. I was in a panic and I wasn't really sure what to do. ( I'm not really a cake decorator)  I just decided to put more frosting on it and hope it held together!    I topped the cake off with a banner that said "HB 33".  Thanks to Penny Smiley for the cake idea!  She made her daughter one for her 16th birthday and my inspiration totally came from her!  So thanks Penny!

As I said above- I wasn't sure if the cake would be ok.  It was extremely heavy due to the amount of icing I used to keep it together.  I thought for sure it was going to crack in half again.  So then I decided to bake another cake.  Only this time I baked a Texas Sheet Cake.  I knew that one would come out!
As it turned out- the cake above turned out perfectly fine (as did the Texas Sheet Cake).  Thankfully everyone loved them both!  

After spending my entire morning baking the cakes (and running to the store for more ingredients)- I moved on to making our friends Nick and Jen a sample wedding program.  (Nick and Jen were also at the birthday party last night)  I am not an expert in the MDS2 program but I'm trying!  The program I created was a little bit like a book.  It has a Elegant Eggplant back with 4 Whisper White pages and one Vellum cover.  I tied it all together with a piece of sheer white ribbon.  Since I didn't have all of Nick and Jen's wedding info I just made up what I could to give them an idea of what the inside would look like.  Unfortunately by the time I was done creating the program- I didn't have much time left for pictures.  I took one it fully assembled.  The picture isn't the best but you can see what the general idea of the wedding program was.  Thankfully they both LOVED it! (and now I need to make 175 of them )

For some reason- the vellum in the picture isn't lying flat.  As I said- I was completely out of time for pictures so I didn't bother trying to take another.  I think sometime this week I will share what it looks like from the inside as well as new pictures of the outside.
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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