Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fun with Paper Straws!

Good morning!
A few weeks ago I was wandering around TJMaxx when I came across a container of paper straws.  I LOVE paper straws!  The first time I ever used one was at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Disney uses them at their Animal Kingdom park because they are biodegradable and much less hazardous to the wildlife that lives there.  I love paper straws because they are fun (and better for the environment)!  They look just like a normal straw but are made from a sturdy paper material instead of plastic.

I wasn't exactly sure why I "needed" the paper straws but I bought them anyway! I  chose to decorate them with a pinwheel from the Stampin' Up! Pinwheel die!  They came out cute and I know my little friends will just LOVE using them!

What fun things do you make with random items?  Have you decorated paper straws before?  Thanks for checking in!

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