Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Instamatic Fun

Good morning!
Today I have a set of three 3" x 3" cards that I created to put inside the little camera that I shared yesterday. The cards aren't too fancy but they're perfect for the person I'm giving this to!
There is a "hello" card, a "thank you" card and a "happy birthday" card.

Here is what the little camera looks like when it's opened:

As you can see- the cards and envelopes fit inside perfectly!  What a super cute gift for someone special!

And the last picture is what it looks like when it's closed with the cards inside:

Thanks for stopping by today!  


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! This whole ensemble is THE CUTEST thing EVER. EVER EVER EVER! I love it!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous and adorable. And thanks for the very very detailed and I am sure will be easy to follow instructions you have put together. Thank you so much.
    Your blog looks very interesting and I will be back for a longer visit!