Sunday, October 15, 2017


Good evening stampers!  Tonight I have the cutest project to share.  Donna Griffith from Stampin' UP! showed how to create THE most adorable penguin I have ever seen.  I just couldn't resist using her little tutorial to create one of my own.  

After I made the little fella I had to figure out what to do with him.  I could have made him a tag or put him on a card but I chose to put him on a mitten notebook.  These mini notebooks can be created from virtually any shape.  You simply need to cut out a 2 covers and about 15 sheets of "paper" (I create mine from index cards).  Easy peasy and super cute!

Here's what the inside looks like.  People often ask how I cut my index cards.  Simply put- I cut 3 at a time and I align my framelit so that the red line on the index card creates a "top" to the paper.  Just like you would see on a regular notebook.  

These are super cute and easy to create.  You can easily whip up a bunch of these in no time!  They are the perfect little stocking stuffers, gifts for coworkers, or to pass out as business cards (be sure to put your info on the back!).  However you choose to gift them they are sure to be loved!

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  1. You only get 1 of the fancy mitten dies and it is opposite the way you face your tablet do you use the cutout on the back side? Hope you can figure out what I mean? Thanks

    1. Hi Joe! To create the tablet covers (front and back) I cut 2 Mittens from Cherry Cobbler Card stock. I used 2 different Mittens but since one of the mittens faces the wrong direction- I used the back side instead. They are mirror images. Does that make sense? Please let me know if I have confused you. I could always show a quick video tutorial. Thanks! Dani