Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!!!

YAY!  The end of the week is finally here!  Thankfully I love the hot weather because today- it's going to be sunny and 90 degrees!  That means that I get to stamp most of the day!  I say "most" of the day because before I can stamp, I'm going to watch my daughter play in the USTA Districts for her Women's Tennis team.  Amanda is only 18 but that's the age that one can start playing on the adult league.  She is playing #1 singles!

The project that I'm sharing today isn't completed yet but it's getting there!  It is a mini Christmas tree made from rosettes.  I still need to decorate it.  I think I'll add some ribbons and a few other embellishments.  Perhaps some glitter, a tree base and some presents to go underneath!  I got the idea from a local craft store but at the store- the tree wasn't decorated and it didn't have a base.

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  1. Dani, this tree is amazing!! I hope you post your completed tree as well, can't wait to see it!