Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monday Montage....Valentine's Day style!

        Hello there and welcome back for the bi-weekly Monday Montage blog hop.  You should have arrived here from the wonderful Cathy Casey's blog.  If not and I'm your first stop- no worries!  Simply use the back/next buttons at the bottom of this post to navigate your way around the hop.  Trust me- you won't be disappointed!

Earlier in the week I shared that I had created 150 roses from the amazing new Spiral Flower Die.  Well- for this project I ended up needing almost 175 so back to work I went!
This is what the flowers look like when they are first cut from the Spiral Flower die.

Once all the flowers were cut- I began to roll them up and turn them into beautiful roses!  This was a somewhat lengthy process.  Obviously it would be much quicker to make just a few roses but my project needed lots and lots.

A 9" white styrofoam heart form was my base.  At the top center point of the heart form, I attached a 16" piece of 5/8" White Organza Ribbon with straight pins.  This will be how I hang the wreath.  I then began to glue the roses to the heart form.  Since some roses were rolled tighter than others, it was necessary to glue some closer together than others.  Otherwise the white on the form would show through.  This is the end result of the heart wreath:

I wanted to make this project into a larger home decor piece than just the 9" heart. So shopping I went! While out and about- I came across an 18" square chalkboard with a tin frame.  LOVED of course I bought it!  When I got it home- I took a white piece of chalk and colored the entire chalkboard with chalk.  I then took a rag and wiped off the chalk to give the chalkboard a "used" look.  Next, I hung the heart over the center of the chalkboard and adhered the ribbons with some hot glue.
Here is the side view of the chalkboard with the heart attached.
Isn't it beautiful?  I LOVE it and can't wait to hang it up!  The question now is where shall I hang it?  I'm thinking in the foyer!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my project!  Please clock the next button below to visit the amazing Dara Gloden!  I know she has something fabulous in store!

Card Stock:  Real Red
Tools/other supplies:  Stampin' Trimmer, Big Shot, Spiral Flower Die, Bone Folder, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, white styrofoam heart form, 5/8" White Organza Ribbon, straight pins, tin framed chalkboard


  1. Holy SCHMOLEY!!! I made a wreath that "looked" like roses last year with some felt scalloped circles ... THIS is a labor of love and a work of ART!! Especially LOVE the chalkboard behind it!! NICE touch!!

  2. Wow! This is beautiful, just beautiful!!

  3. Wowza! This is gorgeous, Dani! And something to be treasured.

  4. This wreath is Unbelievable!!! 175 roses?? Wow! The end result is stunning. So, so beautiful.

  5. ok, I need to order that spiral, ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, wow! Lengthy process? I'm afraid to ask how long it took to make 175 roses, not to mention how much card stock. What a treasure. Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Good morning! It was a lengthy process. I cut 12" x 12" card stock into 4" squares before I used the Spiral Flower die. It's a tight squeeze but it does fit. I got 108 roses from one 12" x 12" package of card stock. So 2 packs of 12" x 12" will do it with some left to spare. It took me between 6-8 hours to cut, die cut and roll all the roses up. I did that part in one day. Then on another day- I glued the roses to the form. That only took maybe 30 minutes tops. Overall- it wasn't a bad project to create- just time consuming. Fun nonetheless!

  7. Dani, this is gorgeous! And although it was a lengthy process- your end result is so worth it (for us viewers..heeheehee) ! and you can say you made it! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the process with everyone!

  8. Dani, WOW this is beautiful, you are so talented, thank you for sharing. Sandie x

  9. What a stunning wreath!! Thank you for sharing how you painstakingly made is perfection!

  10. Wow, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! Even though it was time-consuming, you've inspired me to possibly give making it a try. Thanks for sharing the process & for sharing the end results. Such talent.

  11. Dani,
    One more question. What type of adhesive did you use for keeping the flowers together? Did you just use adhesive on the bottom or did you add extra adhesive between some of the petals?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  12. Good morning Nancy!
    I only used hot glue to keep the flowers together. I did not use any glue between the petals other than where you would add glue to hold the flower together. I know it sounds confusing but I'm not sure how else to explain it. I rolled the flower all the way- and then there's a little piece that you put glue on to hold the flower together. That's the only place I used glue. I did find that for each flower- I needed to let the hot glue cool thoroughly before I tried to add it to the wreath. If the glue was still warm or hot- the flower would start to come undone.